Tuesday, October 16, 2007

busy fingers

i have been busy, busy stitching up an order that i will be taking to sell at the cross here in vancouver. if you are in town, you should really stop by. it's such a beautiful shop, i feel honored that they asked for my soft little guys. i'm very excited because this is my first order for a store! yay!

i have also been working on a few small orders for online shops, which i will keep you posted about.

and, i'm really hoping to start sketching out some new designs that are swirling around in my head. it's been so crazy around here, i haven't had any time to just sit and create. i like the thought of having a day or two to just sip away at some tea and take the time to play around with fabric. it's nice to know if it doesn't turn out on the first go, i can rip it apart and start again. i don't want to say just yet what animals i have been thinking of, but i would probably be using some of this fabric.

ok, time to get back at it. have a great day!

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Jessy of Jessy's Dolls said...

Oh my goodness! Your animals are so sweet!