Sunday, October 21, 2007


i have completed my very first 'real' sewing project- patchwork tea towels! of course, when i got my sewing machine, which was probably over a year ago now, the first thing i made was a tissue holder. it seems that everyone makes one, but it really is a good place to start. so, after being inspired by sally and jenny , i decided to give it a shot. so much fun!!! i think they turned out pretty well considering that i just cut the fabric freehand, that's right- no rotary cutter, no ruler. why you ask? i just don't have those items yet. but after this project, i will be getting some-STAT. especially if i ever want to start a quilt.

so this was my saturday night. sewing and then eating some delicious chick pea and tomato curry. we were also busy tending to our sweet gal sara (our dog), who had some emergency surgery on her right ear. poor thing is now wearing the ever fashionable 'cone' while she recovers.


leslie said...

the tea towels look lovely. wow. your first ones?!
and that curry looks lovely, too.

maritza said...

Your tea towels came out beautifully - love your fabric choices.

Robe said...

I love that you colour co-ordinated the tea towels with your curry.

PS: Plugger sends his love to Sara.