Thursday, October 11, 2007


it's raggie bear! this is the finished bear that i made for my nephew liam. as mentioned in the previous post, he is stuffed with liam's old 'raggie' (a.k.a.-old blanket that was in shreds). the introduction between liam & raggie bear was a little awkward, but, it was also over thanksgiving while approximately 15 other folks looked on. from what i hear, they have warmed up to each other.

UPDATE: this just in.........raggie bear is liam's sleeping companion of choice. yes!

well, that's it for now. just a short post. we were working on a huge shoot for the last two and a half days and i feel like my eyes are burning out of my head at the moment. i must get a glass of wine and retire for the night.
happy thursday evening!


meg said...

what a lovely idea and such a beautiful bear. What a good auntie you are.

passerby said...

great idea! my brother had to dig his baby blankie outta the trash when mom decided he was too old to have one. (he was already in his teen *_*)

a bear is way cooler to have forever than a stinky, old tattered blankie. =)