Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a little peek

here is a little peek at some new soft ones that i am working on. i am loving them! the finger is making it a little difficult at times (see previous post) but i am so happy with how they are looking. they are a little more involved to make since i decided to have a go at creating my own pom poms for them. i'm very excited because i will be using some beautiful japanese cottons for these (thank you miss leslie ) and i have the softest wool/cashmere blend! (that's the camel color on the left)

i hope to update the shop with these by friday, so have a look, they may 'hop' in before then too! (along with some other updates as well)

enjoy the day!


leslie said...

you're welcome!
they are going to be so lovely.

Robe said...

Dare I say it (yet again)? "Awwwwww, cute".
You put me to shame with all your creativity!!! I feel like such a lump!!!
PS: Thanks for the link!!!!!!