Friday, October 26, 2007

the moon & wool

the moon sure was pretty last night. my camera certainly doesn't do it justice, but it looked like the sky had a big hole in it! i loved it.

today i dug into my stash of wool and pulled out these gems for a new animal i am working on. i'm hoping to incorporate some wool pom poms-we'll see how that goes. i haven't made any before, so i'm not quite sure what to expect. upon digging, i came across a piece of felted wool that i did about 2 years ago. (it's the brown piece under the cream wool)
you thought i forgot about you, little felted piece, but don't worry- you too will be cut up and stitched, i just know it. your time has come.


meg said...

good luck with the pompoms--they're messy little buggers.

leslie said...

oh, i am excited to see your new creations.
for sure. what a great weekend. the moon. and wool.