Thursday, October 4, 2007


well, it's been kinda quiet on the blog front. i have been pretty busy working on shoots so there has been less craftiness than normal. however, i do have one item that i would like to share: this is my current wip, a 'commission' by my nephew to make a 'blue teddy bear and stuff him with raggie'. here is the before shot of what i am working with. 'raggie' is liam's old blanket that has been everywhere with him. well, the name says it all, poor raggie has seen better days. so i am working on a bear that i will post when finished, so far i am happy with the result.

i also went to a baby shower recently for a friend and made her a beige elephant to add to her shower present. all of the baby items are from joe fresh. they have just recently launched a kids & baby line, which was surprisingly nice. i picked up an organic blanket, a gown, multiple burp cloths, and a super cute organic onesie with a bird stenciled on the front. and so affordable! if you live in canada, i highly recommend a trip to 'superstore' to check out joe.

and some daily happenings around here:

-listening to this and this
-reading this (and loving it!-but i'm almost done, any recommendations for the next read?)
-sipping this
-wanting to see more episodes of this

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Monique said...

Hi Kate,

I saw you had a blog from checking out your etsy site. then I noticed the shower gifts. =) I had a great time that day. thanks again for the gifts.