Friday, November 9, 2007


this is what our dog sara has been going through the last couple of days. (she would be very embarrassed if she knew people were looking at this, she is pretty bashful) her ear had to be taped to her head after some surgery that wasn't healing properly. this picture was captured on a rare moment when she wasn't encased by the cone.

to get through the sadness and to encourage healing, i have been watching this non-stop. i may be a little late to hop on board the flight of the conchords train, but, wow-i can't stop laughing at them! i also recommend watching 'business time' and 'hiphopopotamus vs. rhymenoceros' , 'think about it' and 'foux da fa fa' . so good. i wish we had HBO.


maritza said...

I hope Sara is all better soon. :)

erin said...

poor thing! what happened to her?

kate said...

well, she had a hematoma at the end of her ear and they did a minor surgery for it, but it didn't go away completely. it came back and they drained it again, but because she was shaking her head so much, they decided to make her look like jacob marley. i hear 'scrooooooge' everytime i look at her.

kate said...

thanks for the concern/well wishes ladies!

leslie said...

oh poor little sara.
tell her i hope she heals quickly.
so quickly.