Sunday, November 4, 2007


we went to see the darjeeling ltd. yesterday since it was raining so hard (plus we haven't been to a movie in months. seriously. it might even be more like a year) i really enjoyed the film. i thought it was so beautiful to watch, and i thoroughly enjoyed each brother's neuroses. i love jason schwartzman. i think he is extremely talented. i really like his latest album nighttiming .

we also went to a new store (well, it's new to me, i hadn't noticed it before) called 'yokoyaya'. it's a daiso type store, meaning it's a japanese dollar store (although this one sells items for one dollar, two dollar, three dollar, as it says on the sign outside) i was frugal and just bought a few candy items. (i like the faces of the animals) i also picked up some more paper lanterns in chinatown.

and of course, had to check out the fabric store and left with this stack of wool and linen. score!

enjoy the rest of your weekend.


erin said...

hey, what fabric shop did you get that stuff at?

erin said...

you didn't get them from dressew did you? now that halloween's over i might have to go for a visit.

Katie said...

i love wes anderson's movies for som many reasons - but mostly because i find them to be such a feast for the eyes. we haven't been to a movie in ages, and the darjeeling is top of my list.

just found you via dooce, love your animals!