Saturday, December 1, 2007

a big thank you!

a big thank you goes out to heather at for including my little bear cub on yesterday's daily style page. such kind words were said and i love hearing that she has them 'nestled' around her desk, so great! it makes me SO happy to hear that they can bring a little joy to someone!
since my shop was a little low in stock, i've been sewing like mad to get more made and re-stocked. keep checking because i'm adding a few at a time as i go. i know that as long as they are in the mail by the end of the week, they are supposed to arrive in time for christmas (that's what the post office told me....)

i also have a whale and an elephant for sale at bleu-lulu . while you're there check out some of the other great stuff she has!

thank you to everyone that has given a little animal a new home and keep checking back if you missed one, more will be popping up soon. have a lovely, winter's afternoon!


mette said...

hi, kate - just wanted to give you the heads up on your mention at (etsy find of the week) - i am sure you are very busy since the dooce mention!! love your little animals! kristin (fellow vancouverite)

leslie said...

what nice news.
and congrats.
on your sales.
your little animals.
are so cute.