Friday, December 7, 2007

shop update

i will be doing a small shop update on sunday december 9th at 11:00am (PST). it will be small, about 4 animals but they will each have a new, japanese fabric! plus, they will be ready to ship, meaning that they will arrive in time for the holidays since monday is the deadline to get orders out to the US. (oh, canada post, don't let me down...)
see you there!


mette said...

hi, kate - thanks for the update - the new fabrics are lovely!

leslie said...

they are going to sell out within minutes. or seconds. i am sure.
have a great weekend.

erin said...

did you see the snow today? i honestly wake up every morning and think about how lucky i am to have those mountains to look at all day. i took a photo of a rainbow last week that i forgot about completely, but now i think i should go post it.