Friday, August 31, 2007

i *heart* tweed

i love tweed. my mother used to wear a brown tweed blazer, complete with suede elbow patches, in the early eighties and i thought it was the greatest. it made her look so bookish.

this is my nod to that blazer. this little fella is available in the shop now.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

up all night

it's true. i didn't sleep very well last night since i am struggling against this lousy cold. i'm two days into a pending assault onto my immune system, but it still hasn't fully hit. just enough to make me all foggy-minded and cranky.

but during that fun, i managed to finally finish a new fella that i had started on a month ago and had abandoned. may i introduce to you.......the owl. available in the shop.

Friday, August 24, 2007

many thanks!

a special 'thank you' goes out to kristen, owner of schmancy in seattle. she was kind enough to write me up yesterday on her blog which is about an annual show she has called 'plush you' (love that!) such kind words were said and i really appreciate the elephant love.

side note- kristen also makes these owl pins that i am loving and sells them here .

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

new kid on the block

the sun is shining again but all i can think about is fall. i can't wait for turtlenecks and wool socks, leaves crunching underfoot. i am also obsessing over new fabric. i have picked some 'fall-ish' fabric for some new elephants for september. i love the texture of the tweed and the soft camel colored wool is such a perfect neutral. i have also ordered some new fabrics that will hopefully be arriving in a week or so. can't wait- so good!

i am still hoping to introduce a new little fella very soon, but it is taking a little longer than expected. i have so many ideas swirling around but when it comes down to cutting, i find myself just making another elephant. i'm sure it will come, in time.

Monday, August 20, 2007


yesterday started out with janis & i shooting a really nice german man on granville island with his sausages. he owns the oyama sausage company and let me tell you, everything he sells is delicious! it was a pretty quick shoot, and on our way out i picked up this begonia.

later in the afternoon, i made my way to public for the opening of rob's art show. he is showing a series of paintings that are based on the swimmers at the bondi icebergs club in sydney and a series of prints that are of various people spied at local vancouver "watering holes". they are amazing. there were lots of great people there, lovely snacks and nice, cold beer. it was a super way to wrap up the weekend.

okay, enough procrastination. must ....more .....elephants.

Friday, August 17, 2007

it was a good day....(thank you ice cube)

today was one of those days, where everything seemed to just happen. it all fell into place, events moved seamlessly into one another and it all seemed to work out quite nicely. in fact, most of this week has unfolded in the same way, but, today for some reason, really stood out.

whenever a day such as this happens to come along, i make sure to take note. to say - thanks.

a small gift for david since it is our 4th anniversary today.

a blurry (and shy) example of some wonderful cutting by my hairstylist shai . so happy with the trim! i love it. i also love that she has her own studio and there is no one else there. it makes me feel calm.

some fabric that i picked up today at dressew. i am hoping to make the grey corduroy into a skirt for fall but, we'll see how that turns out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

assembly line

here is a small line up of some elephants that are just about done. i have been stitching them up while listening (non-stop) to re-runs of 'this american life'. i love, love, love this radio program! after being told about it last year by a coworker of mine, i have just now started to peruse the archives. i recommend the 'detectives' broadcast, as well as 'music lessons' and 'christmas and commerce' . it's gold, pure gold. i love reading david sedaris, but i have now acquired a fondness for listening to him read. he gets me laughing out loud!

i have also managed the time to find this sweater

and these cords (in grey of course) to obsess over.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

summer's back!

after a few cold, grey days, it now looks like summer is back for a little while at least. i plan on taking advantage of it!

not too much to report here, i'm sewing many an elephant for a shop update and for a pending order for a store! i have a few new fabric combinations and i am still ironing out the kinks of a new design. more to come on that.

looking down: i love this nail color and i love these sandals. they scream summer to me.

an okanagan peach:

looking straight ahead: owls from chinatown.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

and so it goes.

well, today marks one year since i had my last cigarette. i feel very happy. in honor, i treated myself to these earrings. i can't wait. so pretty. i found this designer courtesy of jenny. i couldn't resist!

i was also inspired by her post to watch the royal tenenbaums. it had been a while, and tonight felt like the night.

this was, of course, after the fire. a condo on the main floor had a bit of a mishap so sara & i were stuck (along with everyone else) outside for about 45mins. i'm glad no one was hurt.

Friday, August 10, 2007


good morning...just a quick note to say that i am happy to be accepted as a member on website! woo-hoo!
okay. must finish tea and start sewing. i'm working on a new design that i am hoping will be ready in a few days.

a pillow in the process of being made, fresh flowers brightening the day and a dog, feeling totally ripped off that we aren't going on a long, long walk (on account of the dark, imminent rain clouds).

Thursday, August 9, 2007

i love bangs have hair that would grow longer than my shoulders. (even saying that is a stretch, no pun intended) such heavy things are weighing on my mind ice cream and long hair. and how i would like to have both.

i am really enjoying au revoir simone and am so happy to hear that they will be playing on the 22nd at the media club! i can't wait to covet their hair in person. (did i just say that?)

photo by flora hanitijo

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

new softies

i'm loving the colors on the these new elephants. the periwinkle (yes, i said it. that word is funny to me) and lime green fabric was purchased while i was visiting my family in ontario. the red & white polka dot fabric was just purchased last weekend after a (slighty) boozy breakfast. it's true, thanks to keri at the alibi room, one mimosa later and i was reeling in the fabric store. so lame. oh well, i think i made a good choice.

these new fellas will be in the shop soon......

coveting these

these items have caught my eye this morning:

these adorable deer from klevering zuid

this 'stockholm's kitchens' book which i found on decor8's blog.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

rainy day

it has been pretty rainy here today. it doesn't feel much like summer anymore. you can tell by the light in the photo of my flowers. (plus the rain drops on the leaves......) i have been wearing my hoodie most of the day. david & i went to have sushi for lunch, which made a nice break from sewing.

i finished this fella today and he will be posted in the shop very soon..........

Sunday, August 5, 2007


my latest addition to the shop.

mini stash

well, today has been very relaxing. a perfect summer day, if you will. my only complaint is that i forgot the camera at home. we started off having breakfast with wendy at the alibi room. then headed to pick up some fabric, that you can see above.

we then went straight to the park with sara. she got to play with a miniature dachshund named charlie.

the photo above is of last night's sunset. it almost looks like smoke to me. pink smoke coming from the mountains.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

perfect morning

well, now that a few hours have passed, i am feeling a bit more comfortable with the thought of posting. i just thought i would show my two big accomplishments of the day: a snack and a new soft elephant in the shop. i go.

well, here it goes. my first foray into the world of blogging. having never been one to write in a journal, this could be interesting. however, this is part of the reason i decided to start this blog. i want to push myself out of my comfort zone. i also want to finally be able to share my ideas and opinions with so many other crafty bloggers that i have seen over the last 6 months, but have been too shy to do so.

i have recently begun to sell my soft animals on etsy as well. my shop is called 'tinywarbler' ( i have always loved the warbler, what a great name) and you can visit me here. this is a row of elephants that i made and that have found new homes.

well, let's see what happens. thanks for stopping by!