Wednesday, September 26, 2007


here it is- my wonderful new clock from zurich. it makes the softest, sweetest cuckoo sounds...EVER. it's movement is spellbinding (if i may be so bold) and sometimes i find myself staring. i love it.

well, other than eating obscene amounts of chocolate and staring at clocks, i have been working. i have been doing mass amounts of cutting and i am stitching many an owl. i did just finish this sweet blue whale and posted him in the shop last night. don't you love the cute 'transportation' japanese fabric?

i'm thinking of making a series of small, flat animals that could be used for ornaments, gift tags, mobiles, door hangs........anything really. they would be similar to the animals that are in the shop, only flat and with a loop for hanging. hopefully there will be one or two in the shop by early next week. we'll see how it goes.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Vielen Dank!

okay- how lucky am i? not only do i get the pleasure of having my fella back home from a business trip to austria & switzerland, but he also came home with these lovelies! he really is super. the scarf is from matrix , a swiss design company that produces scarves and trays. it is printed and rolled by hand onto silk in their 'quiet backyard studio'. needless to say, i am in love with this scarf. he has a good eye, my fella.

he also brought home alot of chocolate. having been to switzerland myself, i can safely say that it is truly everywhere. we will have to share the bounty or risk lapsing into a diabetic coma. he also brought home this graphic mug for his mom. so great. i have one more present to show you, but i must find it's proper home before i snap a shot of it. it is spectacular though.....i can barely wait to show it off.

and finally, a happy looking dahlia...just because. have a great day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

salt spring

i have just returned (well, monday) from working on a shoot on saltspring island. i was assisting the ridiculously talented janis and superstar stylist heather . it was my first time on the island and let's just say....the shoot was an adventure! it really is beautiful there. we were shooting at a house that was right on the water, as you can see by this shot of the deck. on the second day a stunning kingfisher flew out of the trees, over this deck, and turned around, being very vocal the whole time as if to say "um........hello? who are you and why are you in my space?"

while we were there, the annual 'fall fair' was in full swing. this year marked the 111th fall fair since the island's first fair in 1896. what a treat! the rain let up just enough while we were there, allowing us to enjoy the blacksmithing, sheep, horse shows, wool spinning, homemade pumpkin pie and more! i loved it. everyone was so relaxed, pleasant and it all felt very....honest. (please forgive the shoddy photos, my camera was dying and then fully died on that last photo of the lamb. but i had to include him, so cute)

i wish i could say the same for all of the people on the island. we had an unfortunate experience just as we were (struggling) to get on a ferry to come home. it's funny how a few moments can have the power (if you let it) to negate two days worth of beauty and calm. i don't want to give life to the negativity again be reliving the moment, but i will say if you feel like receiving a rude and unwarranted tongue-lashing, i highly recommend the morningside organic bakery.
other than that blemish, it was a great weekend. it is nice to be home though and sewing again. although, as i look at the photos of the wonderful, handspun wool, i do feel that annual fall urge to knit a new scarf.

Friday, September 14, 2007


i am the lucky recipient of this beautiful handkerchief from my sweet friend theresa. it is a belated birthday gift. can you see my initial "K" that she embroidered in yellow for me? each year we exchange gifts months after our birthdays. no hard feelings are held, it just happens that way. last year, our gift exchange was done approximately 6 months after our birthdays. (we are both cancer, june for me, july for her) this year, it wasn't such a long wait. theresa is so lovely. we share a love of tea and being calm and slightly awkward together. we smile alot.

here's a fun little superstition for you regarding handkerchiefs:

Fold a handkerchief into six layers, blow your breath through the cloth thrice, then rub your open hand down over your face nine times to cure a toothache.

i love the use of the word- 'thrice'. have a great weekend! i will be in saltspring working on a photoshoot- see you next week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

new, hobby

i bought this print back in january from bernadette at sugarloop. i love owls and i love the metallic ink she used.

now i have spotted this piece for sale and me thinks that i may have a new obsession. or perhaps let's say....hobby. collecting metallic bird prints from bernadette. everyone needs a hobby, right?

Friday, September 7, 2007

little edie

ok, so i have been loving blythe for years now. i have a collection of 3 and 1 mini blythe that was brought back from japan for me. so imagine my delight when i received an email informing me of this print available from the talented gina garan.

this is her tribute to our dear little edie. she has captured her well, i do believe. maybe this weekend we will rent the 'beales of grey gardens' since i have only seen the original.

well, off to the post office. enjoy the day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

all lined up.....ready to go

i have just finished a small batch of owls with some fun fabrics for fall. they will be trickling into the shop over the next couple of days.

i have also been:
-watching this
-spending alot of time here
-flipping through the latest issue of this
-doing laundry
-thinking of attempting to make a small quilt using some of this