Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a little peek

here is a little peek at some new soft ones that i am working on. i am loving them! the finger is making it a little difficult at times (see previous post) but i am so happy with how they are looking. they are a little more involved to make since i decided to have a go at creating my own pom poms for them. i'm very excited because i will be using some beautiful japanese cottons for these (thank you miss leslie ) and i have the softest wool/cashmere blend! (that's the camel color on the left)

i hope to update the shop with these by friday, so have a look, they may 'hop' in before then too! (along with some other updates as well)

enjoy the day!

Monday, October 29, 2007

fingers & scarves

well, i finished stitching together my neck scarf on friday- here it is, in all it's felted glory. props go out to theresa, because we felted together that day about two years ago. i'm giving her all the credit for the idea of this neck scarf, because this is what she did with hers, so long ago. i think mine may be a bit different, with the button and all, but i certainly don't want to take any credit for the idea/design. i believe that credit should be given where credit is due.

and on another note, i managed to almost slice my finger tip off this weekend, so the posts may be short and sweet. it is hard to type, or do anything really, without banging it and sending me into a stomach-turning amount of pain. i will admit, i think my pain threshold is quite low, so i'm sure it will be better in a couple of days. it's just so throbby right now!

okay- off to try my luck at more pom poms. they are tricky enough on their own, they don't need any help from a sore digit.

enjoy the day.

Friday, October 26, 2007

the moon & wool

the moon sure was pretty last night. my camera certainly doesn't do it justice, but it looked like the sky had a big hole in it! i loved it.

today i dug into my stash of wool and pulled out these gems for a new animal i am working on. i'm hoping to incorporate some wool pom poms-we'll see how that goes. i haven't made any before, so i'm not quite sure what to expect. upon digging, i came across a piece of felted wool that i did about 2 years ago. (it's the brown piece under the cream wool)
you thought i forgot about you, little felted piece, but don't worry- you too will be cut up and stitched, i just know it. your time has come.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


i have completed my very first 'real' sewing project- patchwork tea towels! of course, when i got my sewing machine, which was probably over a year ago now, the first thing i made was a tissue holder. it seems that everyone makes one, but it really is a good place to start. so, after being inspired by sally and jenny , i decided to give it a shot. so much fun!!! i think they turned out pretty well considering that i just cut the fabric freehand, that's right- no rotary cutter, no ruler. why you ask? i just don't have those items yet. but after this project, i will be getting some-STAT. especially if i ever want to start a quilt.

so this was my saturday night. sewing and then eating some delicious chick pea and tomato curry. we were also busy tending to our sweet gal sara (our dog), who had some emergency surgery on her right ear. poor thing is now wearing the ever fashionable 'cone' while she recovers.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

grey days

grey seems to be one of my favourite colors these days. it seems to be everywhere i look. today was one of those days where it was more pronounced than normal. as i sat stitching a grey wool elephant, drinking my decaf earl grey tea, wearing my grey sweater and dark grey lounge pants, i looked out the window at the grey sky and suddenly i was consumed. not with grey feelings though. there was no melancholy or sadness, just the feeling of......grey.

i kinda liked it. almost as much as i like my new boots. which are also grey.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

busy fingers

i have been busy, busy stitching up an order that i will be taking to sell at the cross here in vancouver. if you are in town, you should really stop by. it's such a beautiful shop, i feel honored that they asked for my soft little guys. i'm very excited because this is my first order for a store! yay!

i have also been working on a few small orders for online shops, which i will keep you posted about.

and, i'm really hoping to start sketching out some new designs that are swirling around in my head. it's been so crazy around here, i haven't had any time to just sit and create. i like the thought of having a day or two to just sip away at some tea and take the time to play around with fabric. it's nice to know if it doesn't turn out on the first go, i can rip it apart and start again. i don't want to say just yet what animals i have been thinking of, but i would probably be using some of this fabric.

ok, time to get back at it. have a great day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


it's raggie bear! this is the finished bear that i made for my nephew liam. as mentioned in the previous post, he is stuffed with liam's old 'raggie' (a.k.a.-old blanket that was in shreds). the introduction between liam & raggie bear was a little awkward, but, it was also over thanksgiving while approximately 15 other folks looked on. from what i hear, they have warmed up to each other.

UPDATE: this just in.........raggie bear is liam's sleeping companion of choice. yes!

well, that's it for now. just a short post. we were working on a huge shoot for the last two and a half days and i feel like my eyes are burning out of my head at the moment. i must get a glass of wine and retire for the night.
happy thursday evening!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


well, it's been kinda quiet on the blog front. i have been pretty busy working on shoots so there has been less craftiness than normal. however, i do have one item that i would like to share: this is my current wip, a 'commission' by my nephew to make a 'blue teddy bear and stuff him with raggie'. here is the before shot of what i am working with. 'raggie' is liam's old blanket that has been everywhere with him. well, the name says it all, poor raggie has seen better days. so i am working on a bear that i will post when finished, so far i am happy with the result.

i also went to a baby shower recently for a friend and made her a beige elephant to add to her shower present. all of the baby items are from joe fresh. they have just recently launched a kids & baby line, which was surprisingly nice. i picked up an organic blanket, a gown, multiple burp cloths, and a super cute organic onesie with a bird stenciled on the front. and so affordable! if you live in canada, i highly recommend a trip to 'superstore' to check out joe.

and some daily happenings around here:

-listening to this and this
-reading this (and loving it!-but i'm almost done, any recommendations for the next read?)
-sipping this
-wanting to see more episodes of this