Friday, January 18, 2008

just added

i just added this little elephant to the
shop. i'm not sure how many more of these i will be making, since my supply of this particular wool is almost depleated. i wish i could get my hands on more because i love the soft color but we all know how these things go. how many times have you found the perfect lip gloss or tights and then......poof!...they've disappeared? drives me mental. 

anyway, i am searching for some new wools and hopefully in a few months will have some new animals to show them off on. i've been trying to build up my stock levels and at the same time, i'm working on making a few new patterns. but i find it somewhat difficult to switch between the two modes. i find that once i get into production mode, it's hard to turn off. i try to not be too hard on myself though, since my goal is to always enjoy what i'm doing. 


lucykate crafts... said...

hi, saw you on etsy, glad to see you've started bloging too. i really like your elephants in particular : )

leslie said...

oh, i am looking forward to you adding more little animals to your collection. how fun. happy creating!