Monday, January 7, 2008

secret weapon

a big thank you for all of your sweet congratulations on our engagement. it still amazes me just how close you can feel to people that you've never actually met. when i first started this blog i really wasn't sure how i would feel about opening up various aspects of my life, but as time goes by i really enjoying sharing little snips, no matter how small or tedious! it really can cheer me up or comfort me to see a new comment and always such sweet words. in return, i am trying to break out of my shell a bit and leave comments for others, because i now know what a difference it can make. 

well, out of no where i was struck down last night with a nasty cold. but little did it know that i have a few secret weapons in my arsenal. 

1) honey from heather

2) mini honey korean mandarins- delicious AND adorable (each are about the size of a quarter or a $1 coin)

take that. 


leslie said...

blogging opens up a whole new world. of wonderful people. i agree. i agree. i hope you feel better soon!

kt said...

I second that! Love being allowed to peek into people's lives.

Rest and feel better.

erica said...

oh, i love your little softies! thanks for the comment, i love reading new (to me) blogs.

congrats on your engagement. i never get tired of hearing about these things! a little more joy in the world makes me happy, too.

looking forward to your shop update...

mette said...

i TOTALLY agree! it is always a nice surprise to receive a new comment - i should leave comments more often, too - to let people know i've stopped by.

happy new year to you and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement!