Monday, February 4, 2008

shop update this sunday with new animal

there will be a small shop update on sunday february 10th at 10:00am (PST). this little guy will be included-although i've used this japanese fabric before, i haven't used this color-way. i love the different shades of green.

i will also be posting a new little animal! i'm not telling what animal though, it will be a surprise. here is a sneak peak of the fabric being used. a beautiful, rich shade of purple (but not too dark, it was hard to capture with the grey-ness of vancouver) and some fun, japanese polka dots. i've been wanting to make this fella for a while now as a gift for a special lady in utah. i finally got him finished and sent off, so it's almost time to set him free, out into the world.

and here's a glimpse of me at work. i'm doing my best to build up some stock so i've taken to making a few of each style at a time.


mette said...

ack! i KNOW what it is! too cute!

leslie said...

i have no idea what it is. but i know it will be cute. i love the dots. for sure.

lindsey said...

can't wait to see the new animal! love the fabric.