Thursday, March 27, 2008


i bought this little kokeshi doll at the daiso a couple of weeks ago for only $2! (love the concept of the daiso) the dish came from there as well for, you guessed it, $2. at first i felt somewhat conflicted about buying a mass produced kokeshi, but at that price i couldn't stop myself. she's just so darn cute.


knitography said...

I love that store! It's another Ikea for me, in that I can't get out the door without buying a bunch of stuff that I don't technically need.

kirsten said...

it's a great place...i agree. you can spend way too much money!

leslie said...

you should really come to japan. at diaso everything is only a dollar. and kokeshi dolls are lovely. i collect them. i love the old ones i get in odd little places. would you like to have a kokeshi doll swap for somethine lovely from vancouver?