Friday, March 21, 2008

"she comes in colors everywhere..."

"...she combs her hair, she's like a rainbow....."
she's a rainbow
the rolling stones

i've been under the influence of rainbows lately. living in vancouver, i find that i get to see alot of them. double rainbows too. i saw one on the evening of my nephew's birthday, february 29th (leap year baby) and it reminded me of something. then, i was reminded again as i moved the book of paint chips on the counter (we are picking colors to freshen up our place).
oh yes, i thought, i need to arrange our books by color, like a rainbow! i loved the idea and had seen it on some blogs a while back and i feel like it was in an old issue of domino perhaps, but it struck me that i, too could do this. so i did. a mini version, in a small nook in our bedroom. i'm happy with the result. i could see this turning into an obsession though- towels, bed linens, although they are mostly shades of white and grey so that wouldn't have quite the same effect. the pantry has potential though........

happy easter!


leslie said...

i love that you are dreaming of pantry. colours are super great. i see that you have the pine cone poster from over at lovely design. i have been eyeing it. it is on the list of things to buy. when i have a few free minutes. have a great weekend!

kt said...

One of my favorite Stones tunes! And I really like that idea with the books. But best of all I thing the photo of you is terrific! I followed the salon link on your blog and I think I'll save my pennies and come up to Vancouver for my next cut.

maritza said...

I love the idea of arranging books by color. I have arranged one of our book cases that way, and it always makes me smile when I walk past it. Happy easter, Kate!