Wednesday, March 26, 2008

taco town!

whenever i feel guilty about eating too much (you know, like after easter when i've devoured a large bag of mini eggs, some chocolate cake and a bagful of scones) i think of this super funny clip from saturday night live. for a few years now, i have just relied on my memory of guacamolito, commemorative tote bags and the use of words like kick-butt and awesomer. now, through the miracle of the internet, i can watch it again and again and scream with him at the end. and all of a sudden i don't feel so bad about the amount of junk food i just consumed. because it will never be as bad as eating at taco town.

(sorry for the pop-up ads/comments on the clip. it was the best one i could find and i don't think i can get rid of them.)

1 comment:

leslie said...

okay. that is funny. my first time seeing it. and i smirked. then laughed. thanks for sharing!