Friday, April 18, 2008

music to my ears

okay, i LOVE flight of the conchords. when i first heard of them last year, i quickly became obsessed with watching them on youtube. then, while we were in LA in november, they released their first season on DVD, which of course we bought and have watched many, many times. it's true, i know most of their lyrics. i sing their songs while cleaning, walking outside and stitching animals. did you see that bust magazine article with them in it? GOLD. well..........i just saw that they are releasing an album on itunes! so exciting!!!!! look out mel, you aren't the only obsessed fan.....

and when i'm not singing folk parody songs, i've been listening to the she & him album. i think zooey deschanel's voice is so sweet and m.ward is super talented. i'm really diggin' on the country vibe too. here, sample it on their myspace page.

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erin said...

i love love love the she & him album, and zooey's "baby, it's cold outside" is one of my favourite things to listen to at christmas.