Thursday, April 10, 2008


my sister is coming out for a quick weekend visit! i'm so excited! we'll be picking her up at the airport tomorrow. this is her first time in vancouver, so i can't wait for her to get a feel for our life out here. i'm sad that i won't get to see my nieces, but it will be so nice to have a couple of days for serious-sister time!

this is a polaroid of my older brother and sister helping me, many years ago, with some birthday presents.

also, the shop is updated with some animals, including the last blue whale of it's kind and also a new elephant that's perfect for spring.


mette said...

wha? where'd the whale go? i KNEW i should have been shopping instead of working - bah! thank you for your sweet comment and i hope that your hand has healed - enjoy your weekend with your sister!

kirsten said...

hope you have a fantastic visit with your sister!