Friday, May 16, 2008


playing with my new camera.

i've been assisting on shoots all week, so i haven't been around much. it's been a very busy week and i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. now that today's shoot is over, i will be doing a little sewing and then drinking a cold beer. it is so beautiful out right now i just want to be sitting in the grass at the park.

in shop news, i will be doing a small update next week with some new fabrics. i will post the date soon. in the meantime, you can hop over to the indie fixx shop for a small selection of soft animals.

happy friday!


leslie said...

kate. have a great weekend. a super great one.

kirsten said...

i too enjoyed a cold beer yesterday. have a great long the sun!

jenny gordy said...

i LOVE your outfit. and congrats on your wedding! you looked really beautiful.