Monday, July 7, 2008

new bear

(gulp, i always get so nervous posting about something new i've made.) but here i go. okay, a few of you may remember when i made raggie bear for my nephew liam last year. well, i was thinking about raggie bear this weekend and decided it might be fun to make a variation of him for the shop.

standing at 11", he is taller than anything i've made before and i decided to machine stitch him for some durability. he is made from some super soft grey wool that is different than the one i use for the elephants. he is loosely stuffed with hypo-allergenic polyfill so that he is a bit squishy and can be hugged many times over. i picture him being snuggled in a crib, bed or stroller. or maybe a little hand carrying him by the leg. regardless, i thought it might be nice to offer something that could handled a bit more than my other animals, since they prefer to be loved..from a distance. (ie: being admired on a shelf)

i'm not too sure when these will make their way into the shop. i'll whip up a few to choose from and make a post about the shop update beforehand.

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leslie said...

i like his ears. indeed.