Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sea monster

this is the best. candle. EVER. if i'm at home, this candle is lit.
i was first drawn to it because of the name. one of my husband's nicknames for me is sea monster, due to a mishap i had that involved my upper lip and some shredded seaweed that was on my hot dog (from japadog, downtown) making me look like something out of scooby doo.
the candle burns super clean, it's soy, it burns forever and the citrus scent is shockingly good. i've never raved about a candle before, but this one warrants it.
you can pick one up at nouvelle nouvelle in gastown. (did i mention they are only $14? so awesome)


erin said...

i'm going to go pick one up today!

kate said...

erin, you're going to love it! i promise. there are other scents too, i want to try the gardenia as well.

erin said...

i do love it! they didn't have gardenia though and i would have liked that. they had coconut and patchouli and something else, but not gardenia. i'll have to check back. i walked into the store and bee lined to the candles and said "i want citrus" and then went to pay without looking at anything else. the sales clerk thought i was super weird.

in other gastown news, have you seen the new shebeen?!

kate said...

hahaha, then they must think i'm weird too. i've been in there so many times, doing the same beeline to the candles. i hope you enjoy it!

nope, i haven't seen it- have you? do tell...