Thursday, August 28, 2008

love letters

i'm busy packing, doing laundry, baking muffins and various other tasks to prepare for our little road trip to the okanagan this weekend. i sure hope the weather picks up a little, but if not, i'm sure we can manage eating lots of great food, drinking some wine and reading good books.

i'll leave you with a favorite song of mine- love letters by ketty lester. it reminds me of home (my brother has a ton of old 45's that he would play and this was on heavy rotation) i love her voice and it is definitely one of my all time faves.

i hope everyone has a lovely long weekend!


leslie said...

oh, enjoy your weekend away. i used to live in kelowna. and somedays i wished i still lived there. beautiful.

kt said...

Hope it's a lovely time, no matter what the weather.

Great song and singer--love the way the piano accompanies her so smoothly.