Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i read a little while back on leslie's blog about a tragic event that had happened in august to a fellow blogger, stephanie (nie) and her husband christian, were in a terrible plane crash. i followed the link to her blog and it quickly became apparent how sweet and loving this family is. as i read about what had happened, my heart was aching for them and their small children, as well as their loved ones. like leslie, i couldn't stop thinking about them.

(image from one more moore)

so i found the website and clicked on the benefit blog. it is a great place to find out where you can donate an item, or perhaps bid on something you covet in one of the many auctions people are setting up to help raise a little money for the enormous medical bills this family will have. (not to mention the daily cost of keeping up the household and four wee ones)

to start, i have donated this elephant to the nienie benefit sale that will take place on september 23rd & 24th. it's on etsy- how easy is that?! it is being held by morgan of one more moore. so amazing.

the neilsons are in my thoughts and my heart goes out to their family and loved ones.

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leslie said...

kate. that is so kind of you to help out. the elephant is adorable. it is amazing how this creative community has come together to help the nielsons. amazing.