Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new bunny

this new little bunny has just been added to the shop! i love this patchwork fabric from japan. this one is in the green colorway and has gingham, dots, flowers, and pears-all wrapped up into one great print!


becka said...

I have this same fabric! Im not sure what to make with it yet, but I'll have to show you when I do :)

becka said...

Love the long post! You should definitely read this book, I am LOVING it. So beautiful, I really need to see the movie.

As for my neckwarmers, I'm in the middle of making a batch to sell at Lucky Rooster on The Drive. Do you know it? Next to Little Next, a wonderful vintage and trinket treasure trove. I've just finished two more, which you can see in my latest post.

I love your wee animals and am currently coveting the owl in your store!

becka said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am also planning to sell on Etsy...which terrifies me a little because I feel like I need a bunch of stuff before I can even open it up. Eek! Soon though I hope.