Sunday, November 16, 2008


i love frankie magazine. it's sort of hard to find here. but recently when i wasn't feeling well, david came home with the july/august issue for me. so sweet and thoughtful!
it has an article and pull-out poster by rob ryan! whoohoo!


Anabela said...

I love Frankie too! If that magazine were a real girl, she'd be kind of a tomboy and basically the coolest girl ever. I would want to be her BFF so bad. Okay. That's cheesy. But you know, totally true. I think the issue you mention there has some pieces written about being the children of immigrants -- it made me laugh out loud. So good!

becka said...

Oh where did he find it?! Those pictures look amazing! Haha, and totally agree with the above comment.

kate said...

anabela- i know, right? i'd secretly be coveting her hair too. and shoes. you can just tell. haha!

becka- it's from 'does your mother know' on 4th. best magazine selection. ever.