Friday, December 19, 2008

happy holidays!

well, we weren't going to have a tree this year. we normally get a real tree but since we are headed out of town for the holidays, we decided we shouldn't bother. i, however, couldn't do it. i simply had to decorate just a little for christmas. i followed (read-copied) anabela and made my way to urban outfitters for my 3 foot white tinsel tree and ornaments at 30% off. perfect. the tree was up and decorated in a record 20 minutes. i think it looks pretty cute. (you can always click on the photos for a better look)

i found this sweet little vintage glass owl (i love owls) ornament in fort langley this summer, so it made it's way onto our wee tree.

the top looked a little bare, so i made a simple star out of a few pipe cleaners. done.

i hope all of you have a very happy christmas and holiday season! take care of yourselves and i will see you here when i get back in a week or so!


anabela said...

So sweet! I love your pipe cleaner topper!

I went to Urban Outfitters today and I was tempted to get the large tree, on sale for $30... I honestly wondered if I could have two trees.

Have a merry Christmas, too! xo

leslie said...

i love your tree. love it.

and happy holidays to you, too!