Tuesday, December 2, 2008


okay. so i was tagged by the sweet miss becka a long, long time ago (october) and i am finally feeling brave enough to reveal six facts about myself. here i go:

1) i love popcorn. and cheese. and eggs. i could (and do, for the most part) eat a little of each, every day.

2) i am very flexible and have been since i was a little girl. i'm talking doing the splits each way, up against a wall, legs behind head, wrapping around body kind of way. my knees hyper-extend backwards and my elbows do too. i had to be taken to the doctor alot as a kid when they would lock like that. i know. big nerd, right?

3) i have a nap almost everyday. even when i worked in an office, i would come home and have a 1/2 hour nap. i love them and think they make you live longer and be healthier and happier.

4) 'jaws' was the first non-cartoon movie i saw when i was about 5 and i loved it. i watched it all the time. it is in my top 5 favorite movies ever and i quote it alot.

5) i never drank from a bottle as a baby, but i started to drink from a straw at 6 months. (that sounds dangerous as i type this, but my mom watched me as i figured it out quickly) i always have straws with me, just in case. it's still my favorite way to drink something. unless it's beer or wine.

6) i don't like different foods on my plate touching. like at thanksgiving, my plate looks like a clock, with a small heap of each different food where the numbers would be.

so there you have it. some facts about me. if you're still here and don't think i'm totally strange, thanks! so now i'm supposed to tag 6 people, so kristin, leslie, anabela, rob, jenny and kirsten- you're it! and here are the rules:
• link to the person who tagged you.
• mention the rules.
• tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
• tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
• go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.


leslie said...

thanks for the tag, friend.

#2. me, too.
#3. i want to do this, too.
#5. no, thanks.
#6. me, too.

anabela said...

Oh! Mine had a different set of rules/non-rules. I loved reading yours! I guess it goes back to being a little bit nosy, haha.

Jaws was on TV when I was little and I was SO TERRIFIED of it! I ran away to hide and my brother said "It's okay, you can come back now!" just in time to see the shark attack something. I fell for it. I was afraid of sharks for years after that, to the point where I used to scare myself in lakes and bathtubs! I did see Jaws 3-D a few years ago, though, and it was pretty awesome.

kate said...

haha! truthfully, now i am afraid of the water. i freak myself out when i'm in lakes or the ocean, i just walk in a little. never swim. i'm sure that movie has something to do with it! but i still love it.

kirsten said...

just did it! fun, fun.