Saturday, May 31, 2008

next time

i missed out on wiksten's new shop opening today. i have my eye on the 'kate' top (and not just because of the name!) it is super sweet and right up my alley. i already have two of jenny's designs and i love them so. they are my perfect 'go to' tops. i feel super lucky to have them since all of her pieces sell so quickly!

* photo by hannah huffman and from jenny's blog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

mon amie la rose

how beautiful is this song? after reading a post on the cherry blossom girl's blog, i have been listening to a francoise hardy song each day. and drinking a gin and tonic. the combination is a perfect way to wrap up a day and say hello! to the evening. i recommend it.

have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


the article from canadian home & country is now available to read online here . you don't get to see all of the great shots janis took, but there are a couple of them. if you live in canada, have a peek on the newsstand, there may still be some copies kicking around since it was the special 'cottage issue' if you'd like to see more pictures.

Monday, May 26, 2008

makes me laugh

my favorite question that i get asked when walking our dog is: "what kind of dog is she?"
it makes me chuckle every time. (and it actually happens alot. i'm not too sure why)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


so last night we watched the orphanage and i can honestly say that i have not been that scared in a long, long time. wait, check that - not really scared but more creeped out.
it is a spanish film by the same fellow who did pan's labyrinth . a couple who have an adopted son, move into this huge old house that was an orphanage where the woman herself lived as a child. i won't give anymore away, but let me just say this - children can have a HUGE creep factor!!! i was so tense watching this movie, i loved it! there are some bits of humor, and also some very touching moments in the film. (it's true, i actually cried a little at the end).
go rent this movie. it is sooooo good.

Monday, May 19, 2008

shop update on friday

i will be updating the shop this friday may 23rd at 1:00pm PDT (4:00pm EDT). there will be a few owls and elephants with new fabrics, some with sweet squirrels and some with little russian dolls. and maybe a hippo or two. see you there!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


i'm not sure what possessed me to buy a drink with the word sweat on it, but i did.

Friday, May 16, 2008


playing with my new camera.

i've been assisting on shoots all week, so i haven't been around much. it's been a very busy week and i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. now that today's shoot is over, i will be doing a little sewing and then drinking a cold beer. it is so beautiful out right now i just want to be sitting in the grass at the park.

in shop news, i will be doing a small update next week with some new fabrics. i will post the date soon. in the meantime, you can hop over to the indie fixx shop for a small selection of soft animals.

happy friday!

Monday, May 12, 2008

ears & tails

making a few elephants- some with new fabric, some with not so new fabric. i'm not too sure when i'll post these in the shop, so keep checking in. how cute are the little matryoshka's?!? seriously cute.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

snap happy

thank you to everyone for your super sweet words about our nuptials! i feel like i've been living in a fairytale lately, and nice comments always help to add to that feeling.

here are some shots that i've snapped while trying to get used to our new camera. i finally decided that for what i need, a nikon d40 should do the trick. i'm so pleased with it! i haven't really done any reading on it, or taken many shots. these are the first few that i took after getting it. it was low light and around dinner time. i sense alot of gratuitous foot/shoe shots, flower shots and of course animal shots coming up!

happy sunday. now i must go and fight this cold before it gets the best of me.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

i'm back

well, we're back in vancouver from our trip to hawaii. it was such a relaxing break! there are so many memories from this trip, i thought i would share a few with you through pictures.

this was our view. although this shot doesn't capture it, you could see diamond head to the left. in the morning and evening the waves would be peppered with surfers. you could also hear the ocean all the time. lulling us to sleep. it was fantastic!

this was how they would prepare your poolside lounge chair. super soft towels and an orchid. heaven.

this was taken poolside on our first morning. a longboard beer and a mai tai. it was 10:00am. we had just finished breakfast. oh well, we thought, we're on holiday. plus, it was 1:00pm back home. so easy to justify. (best mai tai...EVER.)

a fun mosaic i saw while we were out walking one evening. i liked the sea turtles.

and if you've made it to the end of this post, you will see that WE GOT MARRIED! it was planned around my mother-in-law's hawaiian cruise. we wanted a super small, quick wedding and she was our witness the day she came to honolulu. the whole thing took about 40 minutes. ceremony, pictures, everything.

it was VERY windy that day, more then usual we were told, so alot of the shots were of us trying not to squint too much and struggling to keep our hair (and my dress) down. needless to say, we also have alot of shots with us bursting out into laughter. the day was light and easy and relatively stress free. that is exactly what we wanted for the day. our family and friends were with us in our hearts and now we can have a stress free barbecue to share our happiness with them.

well, i should probably get my butt into gear. there is much laundry, cleaning and that thing called 'work' to tend to. happy tuesday!