Wednesday, January 7, 2009


every time we are in los angeles, the song 'juicy fruit' by mtume comes on the radio. we just heard it again on this trip. that's the only time we ever hear it. ever.
i didn't know the song from when it came out (1983) but now i realize that i have heard it sampled in other songs (by warren g. and biggie smalls)
it is fantastic and it cracks me up, in all of it's 80's glory (complete with sequin dresses and dry ice machines) the video is really something too. i thought i'd share.


mette said...

that song is hilarious! i had to listen to it again to catch the lyrics - now i will have it in my head ALL DAY!

kate said...

haha- glad you enjoyed it! (and i'm not the only one......)

becka said...

haha, I love it! The breathy vocals, soft focus and especially that hair brushing, orange juice spraying woman! What an amazing find!