Wednesday, January 14, 2009

snow yak

okay, as if i needed any more reason to want to visit japan.
mark ryden is having an upcoming exhibition in tokyo called the snow yak show from february 7th to the 28th. we saw his 'wondertoonel' show in seattle in 2004 and it was so wonderful to see his work in person. the scale and colors were AMAZING. (speaking of colors, i tried to upload the other two images from this show, which i prefer, but the colors were very distorted. weird. check them out on the gallery website)

we have his blood, sweat and tears prints hanging in our hallway and we were lucky enough to get a signed lithographic poster of the 'california brown bear' while they were for sale. it's just waiting to be framed. i think it would be fun in a little kids room. yup, mark ryden, i heart you.

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mette said...

wicked. i love mark ryden.