Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy *heart* day

i'm not super big on valentines day, but this year i've really embraced the magic of it all. i am seeing it as more of a time to embrace all kinds of love. blog love, candy love, fabric love, love for nature, love for family and friends. i don't think it should be so focused on love for a sweetheart (thanks, hallmark) but maybe a more universal, larger love.
i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and in some small way, can share a bit of love.
(okay, cheesy, i know, but i can't help it. it's how i'm feeling.)


anabela said...

I love it! Lots of love to you too xo

mette said...

i'm feeling the love! have an awesome day - xo

leslie said...

not cheesy at all. but a great reminder.
and cinnamon hearts. my mom sent me some. and i devoured them.
happy v-day to you, too!!

REread said...

I love your blog ... i really like the banner with the gorgeous deers!