Sunday, February 8, 2009

quelle surprise!

yay, he made it home in one piece and he brought gifts! what a surprise! i thought i'd share:

my favorite macarons from little next door. i ate so many of these on our christmas holiday. (i also ate about 3 before i took this photo)

two of my favorite cups from heath.

some extra re-useable tote bags from flight 001. i bought one on sale there and i think this is the best shopping bag. ever. it feels like it's made from parachute fabric and it is the weirdest thing, no matter how much you put in it, it doesn't hurt your shoulder! plus, it's a great size and you can fold it into it's own little pouch for easy transport. i don't think you can order online from canada, but maybe if you call, they will do a phone order? so worth it! (however, they are half price in the store, but full price online. hum.) still worth it.


mette said...

super nice gifts! and - your owl is on etsy front page right now!

kate said...

sweet! thanks for letting me know!

kirsten said...

oh..i love your gifts! wonderful. and heath...a have been wanting those mugs too! ahhhhh...lucky girl. xo

James said...


I work for FLIGHT 001 and we do currently ship to Canada. You are right that you have to place the order over the phone. The number is 1-877-FLIGHT-1

Thanks for the mention and enjoy your bags!