Wednesday, March 4, 2009

on repeat

okay, this woman can do no wrong in my opinion. i bought her new album, middle cyclone, last night and have been listening to it non-stop.

we went to see her play at the walt disney concert hall in los angeles way back in 2007 (feels so long ago!). it was her last concert for the "fox confessor brings the flood" tour. i literally had chills and goosebumps from her voice, it was so powerful and gorgeous. (i think furnace room lullaby is still my fave album though)

update: i forgot to mention i also bought the new chris isaak album last week and so far, meh. i'm not super crazy over it. i like 'cheater's town' and 'we let her down', but truthfully, i could do without the trisha yearwood duet.
what are you listening to? anything that you can't get enough of?


becka said...

Oh yes, she is lovely. Although I cannot get my husband to love her.

Right now I am loving Marissa Nadler, such a beautifully haunting voice.

leslie said...

oh, neko. neko. neko. i just downloaded the fox confessor a couple of days ago. where have i been? i love her. i think i might have to get her new one, too. and furnace room lullaby. shoot. i love itunes.

Robe said...

I have the new Antony & The Johnsons cd, "The Cying Light" on heavy rotation - amazing!