Friday, April 24, 2009


i made some more bears for the craft fair. just five of them. i used some more of my favorite nani iro fabric and also some cute yellow animal fabric i have. plus, a great pale blue fabric i found with a giant feather on it.

i will be selling my animals at the fair for the same price they are on etsy, but in canadian dollars. so it's kinda like having a sale.
who doesn't like a sale, right?

also, i will be taking stock out of my shop as of friday may 1st to use for the fair. if you see something you like, now may be the time to grab it since i'm not sure if or when i will be posting them back in the shop.
(please drop me a line if you are interested in one of the bears you see here and won't be able to make it to the craft fair. i can always make one to post in the shop.)


Keiko / Small Adventure said...

Those bears are awesome! Good luck at the fair!

ella said...

these are super cute. they'll sell well. i do the same sort of "sale" at local events. it's nice to give our local supporters a deal.

leslie said...

oh my gosh. adorable. i love their the little brown circles.

erica said...

these are so cute, leon needs one!

kirsten said...

wishing you lots of luck at the sale tomorrow. wish i could come and meet you! next time. xo