Tuesday, April 7, 2009

feel like a giveaway?

here's the deal: i've been pretty bummed lately. i've been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff over the last few weeks and it's got me down. i wondered what would help lift my spirits and i realized that giving away an elephant would really cheer me up. i just made this little fella with some of my new favorite japanese fabric. i love pink and orange together. i hope you like it too!

the only thing i ask in return is that you leave a comment. it can be about anything. please say 'hi' if you've never left one before. or say 'hi' even if we chat through email all the time (or in person too). or tell me what book you are reading. or the best movie you've seen lately. anything really. and also make sure i have your email so i can contact you if you win and get your mailing address. i will randomly (thank you random.org) draw the winner one week from today, on tuesday april 14th at 5:00pm PST.

there. i'm feeling better already.


Digital Misfit said...
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ella said...

hugs to you! sorry you are feeling bummed out. hopefully this sunshine works some wonders for you.

kristin said...

hello, my friend! thank you for the well wishes - i am finally on the mend. i hope that things get better soon for you, too - big hugs.

btw - i stayed up too late watching 'bob+carol+ted+alice' last night - check it out.

Amy said...

I think this might be one of my first comments. Anyway I just finished Ballad of the Whiskey Robber, http://www.powells.com/biblio/17-9780316010733-0, I would highly suggest it.


Sam Made said...

But its spring now and you've got all sorts of lovely animal friends to cheer you up!

anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. I think giving things away is an appropriate tonic. How lovely! You get to feel better and make someone's week!

I'm currently reading Save Me the Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald. It's pretty fabulous.

Claudia said...

oh no! when I feel bummed about life my husband tell me, and I quote "cheer up emo kid". kinda stupid but it makes me smile!

I didn't read a good book or watched a good film in a long time but I'm thinking about starting a little clothes collection this summer. It's funny because it's kinda because of you. I was looking at my old magazines (inspiration for our new place) and I read (again) your article (oh, I was reading something!) in Canadian home & country magazine...that you left your ho-hum job in the business world to create cute stuffed animals. I don't want to leave my job (I just need another job in the oh "wonderful" business world) but it would be nice to start a new project. Anyway. You are an inspiration and I hope that one day I will have a smile like yours (in the magazine) when I talk about my job.

wow, I think that I needed to talk!

Take care and just look at that elephant...you will feel better :)

Anne said...

Love the elephant, she's beautiful (I've decided that it's a she) and she'd be perfect for the baby we hope to have someday.
I'm currently reading The White Tiger and World Without End and the last great movie we saw was One Week. Yay for Canadian movies!

{kimmymade} said...

Love the elephant, yes, but admire your work tons in general :-) Hope that whatever has you feeling subpar passes quickly. It's spring!

Last good movie that I saw was "Man On Wire" ... and then, coincidentally, my daughter and I have been reading "The Man Who Walked Between the Towers" a lot lately.

Kate said...

I used to not like being named Kate because it was so popular when I was growing up, it made me feel unoriginal. Now, when I see uber talented people like you named Kate it makes me fell proud (admittedly, in a slightly strange way) to "share" my name with others.

kirsten said...

oh, kate. sorry to hear you are having a rough go. me too (if that makes you feel any better).

the elephant is lovely. it would be the 1st little treasure for baby #2!

hope the weather has lifted your spirits a bit. i know it helps me.

thinking about you. xo

gaile said...

Hi Kate! I have you on my google reader, so I don't often comment, but I am always reading and enjoying your style. Hope your spirits are lifted knowing we are all still out here. I know all too well what it's like to wonder if I'm talking to a cybervoid.

Vicki said...

Hope the arrival of spring in Vancouver this week (finally!!) has helped to lift your spirits.

Silka said...

I find that helping people also gives me a mood boost.

becka said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that you're not doing too well at the moment. I hope there is an end in sight, or some kind of uplift really soon.

You know that I love your work, this little guy is as cute as ever.

As for movies, we watched The Big Lebowski on the weekend and it was just as funny as it always is.

cindy : quaint said...

we've been on a bit of a roller coaster lately and my husband tells me to 'keep my chin up'. surprisingly, it makes me feel better. hope you feel better. i love your elephant!

leslie said...

i hope your skies turn blue. real soon.

Heather Maxwell-Hall said...

what a wonderful way to shake the blues. i'm sorry you're having a hard time as well.

shai pointed me over to you and i'm glad.

Justina said...

I've been a long-time lurker around here. I first found your blog through your Etsy shop after Dooce did a writeup of your elephants. Your animals are all so adorable! I wish I could make something half as lovely.

Amy said...

Hello TinyWarbler,

Ahhh... life is tough sometimes, isn't it? I'm sorry you are feeling down - I can tell from your blog and your adorable animals that you are a good, positive soul, and I simply adore all that you make. My name is Amy, and I'm the one who you recently made an elephant & owl for because my dog chewed up my previous elephant. :) I love both of my new animals, and have them both up in my living room in different places. People always comment on how awesome they are, and although I would love to say I made them myself, I always give due props to you, TinyWarbler!

I may have something to cheer you up if you like car dance parties (I mean who doesn't, right?). I saw this video when I was feeling down, and this video had me snorting/giggleing and dancing along. Check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaRejwCO5bk (I'm at work & youtube is blocked, so I hope that's the correct web address) Otherwise search 'Car Dance Party - Dre en Maurice' on youtube & you're sure to find it.

Take care & know that you are appreciated. Your blog AND your animals brighten my days!

Amy Martell

knitography said...

Wow - if you're feeling poorly, shouldn't we give you something?? I hope things improve!

Lisa said...

Hi Kate.

Your little elephant is adorable and would be a lovely addition to my three-year-olds bedroom.

She said...

This is a beautiful elephant! Hope things look up!

chelsea | arugula press said...

yep, life can be rough. and it sure is lately, for many.
i hope that it gets better for you and me!
what a sweet thing to giveaway.
i hope that the sunshine is headed your way, it has been great this week in portland, or.

KLM said...
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erin said...
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Anonymous said...

K -

In times of trouble, I have always leaned on Camus' wise words:

"In the depths of winter I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer."

Hope summer comes quickly to you.


karuski said...

I hope you're already feeling better. I love your idea, giving is receiving.

Your little elephants are so adorable and the second photo here makes me smile, lovely :) Take care.


sloeginfizz said...

Hi Kate,

So sorry to hear you've been having a tough go of things. Hope that changes for you soon… The second photo of the adorable elephant makes me think he is commiserating with you -- lying down and all.

I found you through Etsy, too, and love your beautiful animals.

I have been searching for a good book to read lately and have to thank you for the suggestions I've taken from others' comments here.

Some of my favorite books:
Three Junes by Julia Glass
Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver
Julie & Julia by Julie Powell
Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Be well!


Anonymous said...
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Erin said...

I luv ure elephant. I hope I get to adopt him.

lmhwjs said...

I sorry that you're in a rough patch. Whenever I go through one, I always reread the Princess Bride. It's my make me smile book. Always helps. I hope you find something that eases your spirit.

I stalk your blog abit. I can't help it, I really like it. I've admired your animals from afar for awhile, I hope that your giveaway lifts your spirits!

lmhwjs at inbox dot com

lindsey said...

Hi Kate!

I already have one of your elephants (as well as an owl! and a whale! and a hippo!) but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. I'm in a bit of one myself. No fun. Sending you internet hugs.


rosalyn said...

hi maker of small and cute adorable things! :)
just wanted to stop by and hope you are feeling better, whatever the cause may have been.

hope spring and sunshine will lighten things up whereever you are!

Anonymous said...



Meghan said...

I can't tell you how disappointed I am to be finding this so late! I have your shop and the little elephant favorited on Etsy and keep thinking about buying him but with Christmas coming I know I need to be shopping for others and not myself. I hope things have turned around for you, I can relate to things not going well, it's my last semester of college and the stress from that and determining what to do after graduation can be overwhelming. Have a great week and keep making the cute animals!