Thursday, May 14, 2009

new bear

thank you everyone for the giraffe love! it's nice to hear such sweet words and comments when you try something new, especially when you see it all of it's flaws. it makes me want to keep at it and try out some other ideas floating around in my head.

speaking of new, i have just posted this new bear in the shop . i LOVE the fabric on his belly. the colors are soft and muted and yellow is probably one of my favorites. i find these bears fun to make, since i rarely use my sewing machine and all of my other animals are hand stitched.

i consider these bears to be a limited edition since the grey wool suiting i have is such a small quantity and i can't get any more of it. i have enough for maybe 15 bears? maybe? we'll see. it's too bad because i like working with it, but now it will be fun searching for replacement wool. let the hunt begin. (i wish we had more fabric shops in vancouver.)


Fine Little Day said...

Sweet :)

ella said...

i do love that yellow fabric. a lot. i heard recently that there is a shop near dressew that sells wool and linen. i'll try and get more details. Maybe we can plan a shopping date and a picnic at jericho. ha.

lesley said...

cute cute bear. i love that fabric, too! so nice... anyhow, thought i'd say hello, i'm a fellow vancouverite and enjoy seeing other local crafters' work! i saw your softies at room6 last week, they are just lovely. cheers!

Claire said...

Oh they are so cute! I love all your animals! And the fabrics are so soft! Lovely blog!