Tuesday, June 2, 2009

see you later!

i'm headed back to ontario tomorrow for a summer holiday to visit with family. it is always a crazy rush to get everything done before we go. the final (and easy tasks) are now done.
the dog is at the kennel-check
the laundry has been done-check
many emails were sent-check and now just to pack the bags.

before i go, i wanted to mention that some of my animals are now in sunny LA to take part in the swoon exhibition at the black maria gallery from june 13th to july 11th. i'm so excited!

i have used a few new fabrics for them and all of the animals i have sent are stuffed with 100% locally sourced wool. it makes them feel so great!

see you when i get back!


anabela / fieldguided said...

Ontario! Are you from Ontario originally? Whereabouts? I have so many questions! Sorry!

kristin said...

happy holidays! have a great trip!

kirsten said...

have a fabulous time...you deserve it! xo