Monday, July 13, 2009

back in town

i just got back from out of town. we were in los angeles for a few days. a few very hot, fun days. we did some much needed relaxing at our hotel, a wee bit of shopping, we saw michael jackson's star (since i was there, i had to. my dad bought me the thriller album when i was 6 and played it non stop. he was my first crush), had a couple celebrity sightings and went to enjoy the views at griffith park.

on our way home, we fly through some rough weather (they said it was a thunderstorm) near seattle and the gin i was drinking made me relax enough to capture some of the aftermath. (more photos on my flickr.)

AND, we also heard this song again. can you believe it? every time we are there. EVERY time. love it.


goldendovedesign said...

Yes, there was a thunderstorm here in Seattle last night. Funny that you were flying through it.

kate said...

hi golden dove! we actually flew in on saturday night. the pilot said it was a thunderstorm, but i didn't see anything (thankfully!) we just had some rough turbulence.
being from ontario, i miss thunderstorms. we never get them in vacouver.