Friday, July 17, 2009


it is so flipping hot here today! my thermostat is reading 28 degrees. the dog and i are going to sit in front of the fan and drink this beer. (the beer is for me, too bad for her that she doesn't get any)
happy friday and enjoy your weekend!


mon ami said...

what a great bottle! what kind of beer is that?

I too am melting in the Vancouver heat and am off to the beach for some evening breeze. I hope you find some breeze too.


becka said...

Great idea! Richard just got home with beer is his backpack and I was very, very excited!

kate said...

mon ami- it's called "steam whistle" and it's a pilsner from toronto. i first heard of it when we went to visit my family in ontario in june, my dad liked it.
(the only place we've seen it is as brewery creek on main st. :

enjoy the beach!!

becka- that richard is so good! enjoy your weekend dear.

kirsten said... is sooooooooooo hot. i am melting. what i wouldn't do for a beer. hope it was delicious! xo

mon ami said...

thanks! I'll grab some next time I'm there.

lesley said...

what a fabulous idea. this heat calls for nothing but a breeze + a beer! enjoy your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Kate, that really brings back memories - Steve & I used to go to a great pub in Ottawa every Sunday and order pints of Steamwhistle, yummmm! sandra :)