Friday, July 31, 2009


breaking in new shoes around the house.

working on a custom giraffe.

drinking cucumber water to stay cool.
enjoy your weekend!

ps- thank you so much for all of the sweet words about the new giraffes and beavers. i really appreciate your encouragement, the words stay with me so they come in handy when i'm doubting myself or just having a bad day.


Claire said...

Great shoes! I've never tried cucumber water!... Is it really good to stay cool?

kate said...

thanks claire! they were on super sale. (and are super comfy)
cucumber water helps me anyway. it's so easy-fill a jug with water, i like bubbly, and chop up some cucumber and throw it in. place jug in fridge. enjoy!

Robe said...

Who are you kidding? That's a G'n'T!!!!!

Claudia said...

If one day you make a squirrel, let me know! I will get one for squirrels...and your work :)