Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"i will bring you down to chinatown..."

we have had our 10 year old nephew staying with us for the past few days and yesterday i took him down to chinatown. not in the robert de niro, meet the parents kind of way, but on a bus into vancouver's chinatown.
we went in to the sun yat sen gardens to check on the turtles but we only saw one. the water was pretty murky. the fish were very illusive as well. maybe there was a heron in the area.

we strolled along and went into some shops (my fave, bamboo village of course, as you can see from the photos) and made our way yoko yaya, vancouver's version of the daiso.

it was a great visit with him, filled with so many laughs! thanks jake! it was much needed.


janis nicolay said...

what happy pics of my favourite area of Vancouver Kate! I'm sure Jake loved it. Did he wear his moustache?

owlandpussycat said...

looks like such fun. i love chinatown too!