Saturday, August 15, 2009

it's begun

i did it! i took the plunge and started the quilt! i'm so happy that i braved that first step of cutting. math has never been one of my strengths, and everything i've read has stressed the importance of numbers, accuracy, things lining up, spacing, all that sort of stuff. it had me feeling a little intimidated. but today, i picked up my rotary cutter and used my grid and dove right in.

i'm not using a pattern for my quilt, but i was heavily influenced and inspired by this beautiful quilt made by leslie. i love natural linen and think that this style will be perfect for the little one to play on and be able see all of his toys and books. (i also love some of the japanese fabrics i'm using that i bought from her shop. oh how i miss it!)

i think my favorite part of making the quilt top was pressing the seams down. i did this after each row and i think it made a difference. i'm wishing that i had started to do patchwork a little earlier, since i now realize how satisfying the order and neatness of it all is. i think i might be hooked!

now we will see how the quilting goes. i've never used my walking foot, so i figure i should make a few trial runs before i attempt it on the actual quilt.


Claire said...

So beautiful for a first time!... I love your choice of fabrics!

goldendovedesign said...

It is really an attractive quilt for a child! I've wanted to try quilting too, but have been so intimidated. I love the clean simplicity of the linen with the carefully selected fun fabrics.

anabela / fieldguided said...

It's going to be so wonderful! Have no fear (the most important part of making a quilt, I discovered, is being fearless).

kitty said...

Beautiful Kate! wow...i am have such talent--congrats on finishing!