Monday, August 10, 2009

makin' stuff

this weekend i:

washed and pressed a stack of fabric that i plan on making into a quilt for a friends new baby that i can't wait to meet (soon i hope!). it will be my first quilt and i'm excited! i'm a little nervous to actually start it though. i don't have a pattern and will be winging it. i imagine there will be some swearing involved.

i baked some cookies.

i finished a giraffe to include with the above mentioned quilt.

i also managed to get my pinky finger caught in a door so badly that there was blood everywhere and i thought it was broken. i'm not sure why i keep injuring my hands, it's so frustrating since i make stuff, but oh well. at least it's not broken like i thought it was (again.) i thought i'd spare you from a photo of it.


kristin said...

super productive weekend! the giraffe is awesome.

hope your hand heals quickly - i do the same - my hands get cut and/or burnt too often. i once nearly severed my thumb - scoring vinyl tiles for the kitchen floor - i wound up in emergency and guess what was on the t.v.? a d.i.y. floor tiling demonstration on a home improvement show. :o

good thing we're not hand models - haha.

leslie said...

oh, your first quilt!! i love the fabrics you chose. and i recognize some of them. let me know if you need any help - i wish i lived closer!

mon ami said...

I love the colours and fabric choices for the quilt and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

I haven't braved a quilt yet so kudos to you for taking the leap!

As always, your giraffe is gorgeous. That is one lucky kid.

lesley said...

ooh, great fabrics! i have that orange swirly lines one, too :) love the arrowheads especially. that quilt will be gorgeous! i have yet to finish my first, the top is lying folded in a box, waiting for me to gather the courage to quilt it, i'm too nervous!

kate said...

thanks for the encouragement ladies! you guys are the best.

kristin-ouch! your story scared me and then made me laugh. that must have been frustrating!

leslie- i totally need your help! i will be sending you an email soon. i'm too nervous that i'm going to ruin my fabric. and i thought you might recognize some of them. :)

mon ami-let's make our first quilt together! c'mon, we can do it!!!

lesley-the arrowheads is my favorite, i'm so nervous to waste it if i mess up! and don't you love the squiggles? i can't get enough of it, such a good basic. and you should totally finish your quilt, let's all learn how to do this together. it makes it less scary somehow.

kristin said...

i meant to leave you this link i found at lovelydesign - sharilyn made a quilt for her daughter and it has inspired me to try my hand at it, too - here it is:


BetteJo said...

My very first (and only completed - ahem) quilt was a gift for someone dear to me. I only wish I had taken a picture of it before I gave it away!

Joanna Goddard said...

oh cookies and a giraffe = perfection. (hope your finger is better!)