Wednesday, October 14, 2009

deep cove

a couple of weekends ago we went out to deep cove so i could drop off an order to room 6.
i took out some giraffes, owls, elephants and a couple of beavers. she has some of them up here. check back for the other items, they may make it into the online shop.

it is so pretty there! and the store was adorable. i could have spent all afternoon browsing, shopping, touching things, taking pictures. megan stocks all sorts of sweet items for the home, to wear, for little ones and to give as gifts.

plus she has a great selection of wool in stock and is having fall knit nights! (i totally want that lamp in the photo, but it wasn't for sale.)

if you are at all in the vancouver area, you really need to spend an afternoon in deep cove. we had some tasty fish and chips at a place called "fish and chip burger" and afterwards we grabbed two maple glazed donuts from honey's. they are THE BEST donut i have eaten. hands down. (needless to say, there was no time for a picture, they were gone in a flash.)


Pinecone Camp said...

I haven't been to Deep Cove for ages! Must check it out. I want to go to Room 6 and eat donuts. by the way, I posed my bat amongst three tiny pumpkins. We think alike!

kirsten said...

must tell you, we headed to deep cove today. LOVED room 6...ate fish and chips at 'fish and chip burger' and brought donuts home. i just finished a chocolate one. all i can say is 'oh, my'. thanks for reminding me of this cute little place. haven't been there since i was little.