Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i hope to see you on sunday

ok, i have been totally m.i.a on this blog, but i have been so busy stitching up little animal friends for the holiday edition of got craft (this sunday december 6th) that i haven't had time for much else.

if you live in the area i would love to see you! maybe you could come and say hi if we've never met (even though i may be a shy and awkward weirdo) i would really, really love it. there is such a great energy at events like this, so many crafty folks getting together and there are always lots of smiles. come by! AND there will be a giveaway for a button making machine AND a yudu screen printing machine. for reals.

(side note- you can check out my interview with andrea and rob right here)


lesley [smidgebox] said...

hehee! i'm excited and nervous myself! looking forward to being neighbours :) can't wait to see all the gorgeous critters on your table!

kristin said...

have a great day on sunday! i'll be at heritage - so i will miss out on this one. great interview, btw!

Robe said...

Good luck Kate - I'm sure it'll be a raging success! And total vindication for your overworked sewing fingers!!!

Cindy of West Coast Origami said...

Hey, I wrote about your items in my blog:


Your dolls are wonderful!

Pinecone Camp said...

Would not miss it!!

kirsten said...

hope it was a success. was planning to come, but woke up to a sick little boy. next time!