Friday, April 24, 2009


i made some more bears for the craft fair. just five of them. i used some more of my favorite nani iro fabric and also some cute yellow animal fabric i have. plus, a great pale blue fabric i found with a giant feather on it.

i will be selling my animals at the fair for the same price they are on etsy, but in canadian dollars. so it's kinda like having a sale.
who doesn't like a sale, right?

also, i will be taking stock out of my shop as of friday may 1st to use for the fair. if you see something you like, now may be the time to grab it since i'm not sure if or when i will be posting them back in the shop.
(please drop me a line if you are interested in one of the bears you see here and won't be able to make it to the craft fair. i can always make one to post in the shop.)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


okay, i need a shower now. too much information? perhaps. but i just worked up a sweat completing my very first bunting banner!!! i wanted to make one for the upcoming craft fair that i am in. so i went for it. i even made my own bias binding. (i hope i'm getting all of these terms right) the reason this is such a big deal for me is because i am not a sewer.

i just started to teach myself how to sew a couple of years ago, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. if you look closely, it's certainly not perfect, but i'm happy with how it turned out. especially considering that i did everything freehand. (except i used a really handy tool from dressew to help make the binding)

now the thought of starting a (small) quilt doesn't seem quite so daunting.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

an english kitty and robots

i'm not sure if you've already seen the following clip, but i thought it was funny. and kinda creepy at the same time.

(via smitten)

also, i received a helpful email from a friend today mentioning to me about how some of the comments left in the giveaway had their complete email addresses in them, and that can make them vulnerable to spam robots. (that phrase makes me laugh, can't you just picture the robots?) but seriously, i would hate to think that anyone received spam on account of entering my giveaway. so i went ahead and removed those comments, but just know that i still appreciate each word that was typed, i just don't want you to have to deal with crappy spam. or robots.
as far as i know, it is safe to use your email address but substituting the @ with (at) and the . with (dot). if i am wrong, can someone please let me know? i don't pretend to be computer savvy by any means, and it is always helpful to learn new tips.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

and the winner is.......

.......comment number 11, kirsten! i used the random number generator from and as you can see it gave me the number 11. kirsten, i will be emailing you shortly to get your mailing address so i can send you your elephant.

this was way more fun then i had ever imagined it to be. i was so excited just now using the number generator! i will definitely be doing this again. a huge thank you to everyone who participated, it was really great to see some friendly faces and super great to get to know some of you who have been 'lurking'. i also really appreciated all of the sweet words of encouragement and concern. it has been a rough go lately and having your thoughts and comments really brightened my days. i never meant to be all mysterious about what has been going on, once i am feeling better i will write a post about it, but in the meantime, thanks again. your words have really meant the world to me.

be well everyone and enjoy the evening (hopefully it is spring-like where you are)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

feel like a giveaway?

here's the deal: i've been pretty bummed lately. i've been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff over the last few weeks and it's got me down. i wondered what would help lift my spirits and i realized that giving away an elephant would really cheer me up. i just made this little fella with some of my new favorite japanese fabric. i love pink and orange together. i hope you like it too!

the only thing i ask in return is that you leave a comment. it can be about anything. please say 'hi' if you've never left one before. or say 'hi' even if we chat through email all the time (or in person too). or tell me what book you are reading. or the best movie you've seen lately. anything really. and also make sure i have your email so i can contact you if you win and get your mailing address. i will randomly (thank you draw the winner one week from today, on tuesday april 14th at 5:00pm PST.

there. i'm feeling better already.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

back in action

well, it seems that i needed to take an internet break. i haven't been blogging, or even reading the blogs i follow on a regular basis. i guess that distance is necessary sometimes to maintain a balance.

anyhow, i thought i would let you know what i have been working on - sewing up a storm so i am ready for the may 3rd 'got craft'. i'm very excited to be in my first ever craft fair! and i'm also pretty nervous. if you are in the vancouver area, please come by and say hello, i would love to meet you! i will be having some of each animal for sale, as well as some bears and some more hearts.

i have also been busy making my contribution to the free swag bags that will be handed out to the first 30 people through the doors. that pile that you see below are paper clips, each adorned with a button that is covered in various fabrics i use for my animals. some are japanese fabrics, others are not but they are all cute! they're a perfect way to keep all your bills in order, or to attach a photo to a letter you are mailing, etc. you get the idea.

okay, must go and sew some eyes onto a batch of hippos, please keep sunday may 3rd open to shop some handmade goodness!