Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new animals at provide

there is a new batch of animals over at provide . this little beaver is there along with a few others. have a look at their blog for more photos of what is available.

provide is one of my favorite home stores in vancouver. each time i am there i find something new to obsess over. on this visit i became the proud owner of a long-yearned for fog linen tray.

(image from their website)

i am also seriously needing (okay, wanting) a log bowl from loyal loot. again, after coveting them online for a few years, it is really nice to be able to see them in person. i loved the aqua one. and the grey one. and of course the mustard. once we do the big move in a few weeks (more on that another day) i will start saving my pennies for one.

(image from loyal loot)


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh hey cute beaver! Are you doing got craft m'dear?

kate / tinywarbler said...

thanks lady! alas, i am not this year due to said big move. i haven't had a lot of time (or space) to make any stock so fingers crossed for the holiday show. are you doing it? i would still like to pop in and do some shopping, will i see you there?

Pinecone Camp said...

Provide is a pretty fabulous shop! Happy to see your animals there - a great fit. Now, about those bowls and that tray....I want.

leslie said...

i love your little beaver.
and the fog linen tray. i brought one back from japan. i just love their stuff.
and those log bowls.
the big move. i can't believe it is happening already. whoohoo.

Slumber Designs said...

I just checked out your etsy shop and I'm in love!! You have such a talent! These would make such great shower gifts. Wish I had some expecting mommies in my life tho.

kristin said...

cuuute! i love the little beaver. adorable.

happy easter! xo

Heather Cameron said...

oh, Lily would love that beaver - she's been singing a song about Billy the Beaver building a damn - but she says Biyiy the beaber - becuase L's and V's are too hard for her. SO cute Kate.